Good day to You. I'm Sinslines Garcinia.

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In this picture I'm somewhere between two and three  years old.
(Yes, it's me! I had a little more coat in those days, 've no idea where it went?)


Most people call me Kitty, an odd nickname that the kids in my first family gave me. But I am very fond of, and polite to, cats, so I'm not insulted by my family namn.

If You wish to have a closer look to any of my pictures, just click it and wait for a little while. The image will open in a new window, just hit the X button (top right) of that window (not this one!) when you've seen what You want. Please don't take any image without our permission, or my mom will be VERY sad. You can send a mail to her and ask, if You would like to use a picture of me. Remember to tell for what purpose. Please do not offend me by giving a bad reason - I'm a sensitive girl. Thank You.

Here's the story about how I tricked mum to keep me

I found my mum when I, at the age of nearly three, was rejected from my first family. They took me to a rehoming organisation where I had to live in a kennel.  I fell absolutely in love with the boss of that place. But she said "I'm so sorry my dear friend, but I do have already five dogs today and I haven't got enough time to spend with them. If I should let You join our pack, there will be one more to feel bad about - and I do wish something alot better for You." (Actually,  I'm still amazed she couldn't see, that we were really made for each other??)

But I could see she ment what she said, so I had to come up with a good plan. And I did! I decided to show her that she had no choice. I did behave very well with the staff working at the center, but cared about nobody and was not very friendly to anyone. My mum (to be:), was rarely in the kennel building herself. She was too busy at the office, or giving classes and consultations to dog owners. But anytime I even heard her voice I immidiately started to bark and howl loudly. If I saw her, my tail was in risk to fell off because of  the intensive use, and I jumped up and down instantly. When she was no longer in my sight, I started to sadly howl again. Once she began to understand that she was chosen, she began to talk seriously to me again, telling me "NO".

The stupid woman even tryed to rehome me with another family. Of course it didn't work. I really had made my mind up!

I told her that I could be a tiny little mouse, living in her pocket and never ever claim for anything more, if only she let me stay with her and her pack. And guess what. My campaigne of persuation succeeded! Took me almost six months, but I managed to finally convince her. And then I didn't need to be as ingratiating anymore;-), because she really is the trusty type. She'd never dream about abandone a friend. Once she had promised that I was allowed to stay, I could release myself and show my not so good manners too:-). For example I didn't trust men in overalls and people staring at me,   if I got the chance I nipped them in the rear end. Also if I was let off leash, I didn't dare to approach her again but remained a few feet away for hours. She had to let a door open and go away until I could get myself to tiptoe inside and hide. My fears took more than a year to get rid of. But together we finally managed to solve all my problems.

Now I'm twelve and still going strong. Not as strong and agile as in my yuth, but healthy and happy.  Since 1994 we don't have the Dog Centre anymore, because mum got seriously ill. Now the only dogs in the pack is me and my sisters son Lattjo. I've had a very rich and varied life together with my mum and do not regret my choice of co living partner. With no doubt she is still the most important thing in my life.

I would like to give You a few glimpses of the odd, various and wonderful life I got myself into:-))

If You enjoy to see them just half as much as I do to live it, I'm happy for You.

 note: Kitty passed the Rainbow Bridge in April 2001

Love to all of you, from a true beauty of art, Kitty


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