Hi folks, I'm Lattjo!
Welcome to visit my photo album.


My pages have been temporary but online for years, I put the album together because people wanted to have a look at us. Now it has become a part of another website, featuring all our pack (except mom;-)) from one menue. This means that the colors of mine, Kitty's and Lajban's albums doesn't really fit so well with the youngsters. We apologize for that, hopefully "one of these days" mom will do something about it.

These pictures we've borrowed from mom's photo albums from our time together. The pictures may not be picked from here. But if You find anything You like, You can mail me and I will ask mom to send You a copy. Please write a little line and tell which picture You want, and why.

We have enjoyed very much to look through all this memories, and wish we could tell You about all the things we've experienced together. I'll try to convince mum to write a little line under each picture. But I guess I'll need to nag her a little about that:-))

By the way..
How do You like the wallpaper:-))?

Our mom, Kristina, isn't the best photographer in the world, but she has a good portion of fantasy and can be quite creative from time to time. She was a little frustrated by all the bad and blurry pictures she had accomplished, so she put them together and made this, very personal, wallpaper out of them. I need to apologize for the poopy pose, she must have a little childish toilet humor hidden somewhere:-))

 Now mom asks me to stop vooffing, so I bid You farewell for now and hope You'll enjoy my pic's.

Yours sincerely,


Lattjo, the handsome guy


P.S. All the pictures are taken by our mistress Kristina (or some family friend of ours), she hope that You respect the copyright and not try to take copies of them.

Pssst! I could understand if You'd like an idol picture of me;-)
If You send me an email  I'll do my very best to get one for You.

Maybe this one will do... or one of these...:-))



To be perfectly honest,
I'm very humble and withdrawn.
- Huh?  What do you mean "can't imagine"??


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If you enjoy my Photo Album,
please drop a line in our Note book.
It will be highly appreciated!!

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